Platte Valley Riders

Welcome to Platte Valley Riders!

 A family centered riding club that encompasses all disciplines and activities involved in developing good horsemanship.

 Pictures of our gymkhanas and  horse shows
Our Summertime Gymkhana will be this Saturday, August 13th, 2016.
Registration starts at 8:30 am
It Will be held at
The Historic Saddle Club in Scottsbluff, Nebraska
 Patterns for this gymkhana can be viewed in the photos tab, under "summertime gymkhana" they are numbered in order of event running for the day. 
The registration form for this gymkhana can be downloaded from "Documents" tab,
towards the bottom of the page.  
Please let us know if you are not able to view or download these items. 
We would also encourage anyone who would like to, to "pre-register" during the week.  Just print and fill out the form then email it back to: We will get you entered in the system ahead of time and you can still make changes on the day-of, but this helps alleviate time for entry on the morning of the gymkhana.

We will be having our "BUCKLE RUN"  again this year!! each of the divisons will compete for a buckle.
Each show we will have place buttons to 7th place,ribbons or medals for participation,and high point winner prizes for the day.
 We have had a lot of confusion over the season on the issue of buckle run an attempt to clarify the questions, here is a more detailed answer.  We want to keep it as fair as possible for everyone who enters the Buckle Run, but we also understand wanting to bring or try more horses. The rule is: One horse, per Rider, per run  , however, if you would like to ride for the buckle on two different horses, you may, you'll just be required to ride each of the horses in all the events to qualify.  If you are not riding in the buckle run, you may always bring and enter as many horses as you would like to ride in each event. There is just no switching of horses in each event once you begin your ride for the buckle run. If you switch horses mid-run, you no longer qualify for the buckle. Hopefully this helps with those that have wanted to bring a horse to try etc... and were told they could not.
Some of 2015 season Buckle Run winners!